How is medication administered?

AMethadone and buprenorphine are oral medications that are available in a variety of forms. At MedMark, our dispensing nurses administer a liquid form of methadone and most often a sublingual film for buprenorphine based medications, both of which are provided daily. Patients at MedMark receive their daily dose of methadone or buprenorphine at a private medication window offering confidentiality of medical information.

MedMark Treatment Centers is an outpatient methadone clinic, meaning that patients are able to carry on their normal lives while receiving treatment, rather than staying in a facility for lengthy periods of time. Patients who have successfully completed certain milestones in treatment, and meet the federal criteria put forth by SAMHSA, may become eligible to receive take-home doses of medication. Take homes offer patients the opportunity to take home enough medication for short periods of time, saving daily visits. The take-home period can be extended as the patient continues to have success in treatment.

MedMark also offers guest dosing services so that patients can plan ahead to receive medication at one of our other clinics if they are traveling out of town.