What are the benefits of Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT)?


The benefits of methadone as a component of a comprehensive treatment program for opioid addiction have been validated by dozens of clinical studies and confirmed by numerous authorities in the addiction treatment field. These include:

  • The main goals of methadone maintenance treatment are:
    – Eliminate withdrawal
    – Eliminate cravings
    – Block the effects of other opioids (heroin or prescription pain medication)
  • A stable maintenance dose of methadone does not make the patient feel either “high” or drowsy (somnolent), so the person can socialize, work or go to school, and generally carry on a normal life.
  • In most cases methadone can be taken orally once daily or in split doses, helping to limit exposure to injection-borne diseases like hepatitis and HIV.
  • At adequate doses, methadone’s gradual, long-lasting effects eliminate opioid withdrawal and craving, unlike the rapid ups and downs of short-acting opioids which lead to strong desires for more drugs.
  • Daily drug-seeking becomes unnecessary and the blocking effect of methadone will make other opioids undesirable.
  • Once a stable dose is reached, it will not take increasingly more of the medication to achieve the same results.
  • When properly prescribed by an experienced practitioner, methadone is safe and effective with minimal side effects.