Prescription drug abuse in Fort Worth: You can enjoy life again

Prescription drug abuse in Fort Worth: You can enjoy life again

Sometimes it’s a lonely battle, fighting prescription drug abuse in Fort Worth. In the beginning, when you first realize that you are taking too many prescription pain pills, you think that nobody really understands much about prescription drug addiction. In Fort Worth, and throughout Texas, there are plenty of resources, but walking into an unfamiliar place just seems so awkward. How do you know where to go or what help will work for you? Who would have ever imagined that you, of all people, would become addicted to medication that the doctor prescribed?

So if your prescription drug abuse has led you to some late-night worries and some serious self-doubts about your ability to stop taking your medication without professional help, you should first and foremost be relieved that help for prescription drug abuse in Fort Worth is readily available. If you’ve already reached out for help with addiction treatment, the recovery rooms are your next step. The trick is to stop thinking about 12-step meetings as boring places where people stand up and recite their stuff dutifully and dully, and start realizing that there are some great meeting places out there that will make you glad you’re in recovery. You just need to take the plunge, so to speak, and get to meet some people!

The Glass House

The Fort Worth AA group offers The Glass House as a popular meeting site, a place where you can go any day of the week to meet like-mind people. People there won’t care if you’re battling alcohol or prescription drug abuse in Fort Worth, as long as you have a desire to achieve sobriety and stay clean. The Glass House is just one of the many places where you can meet, discuss, learn, pitch in to help, and make friends. The last Saturday of every month is Birthday Night, and it’s located at 6713 Hemsell Place in Fort Worth.

24 Hr Fort Worth Group

The place doesn’t even have an official Facebook page—not that we could find—but if you’re looking for a meeting practically around the clock to help you with prescription drug abuse in the Fort Worth area, this is one of the places that’ll help. We know for sure that they have Birthday Nite and occasional potluck dinners and real meetings with speakers—and also a bunch of people that will break the bread of fellowship with you. Make plans to attend the Anniversary weekend, starting June 17 at 4pm and lasting until 5pm on June 19. It’s at 3127 Race Street in Fort Worth.

The Broadway Group

Not far from the 24 Hr Fort Worth Group you’ll find the Broadway Group, or at least some place operating out of a small strip of shops, and it’s another one of those clubs where you will find not only 12-step meetings every day of the week but also some people to talk to and share your interests with. It’s officially in Haltom City, at 4311 Broadway Avenue—Suite A, the storefront with the familiar circle within a square.

Back to Basics

Yet another group to help with prescription drug abuse in Fort Worth is the Back to Basics group located at 4720 Wichita Street. You’ve already missed the April 2 Speakerjam but it’s not too late to make plans to attend the Back to Basics Anniversary planned for May 13.

Fall Assembly

It’s not too soon to mark your calendar for the NETA Fall Assembly, to be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel actually in Dallas from September 19 through 21. This’ll take place during National Recovery Month, so it’s sure to be full of both good meetings and wonderful fellowship.

Being Open About Prescription Drug Abuse in Fort Worth

What if you’ve opted for medication-assisted treatment so you can cope with your prescription drug abuse? In Fort Worth area groups, there is no cut-and-dried, readily available policy on how you’ll be received if you admit that you’re under a doctor’s care taking methadone or Suboxone in order to handle your addiction. While medication-assisted treatment gains increasing acceptance in the recovery rooms, there’s no reason to share that information as long as you prefer to keep it quiet. After all, you have no obligation to divulge your entire history of medications to any group of people, and you certainly don’t have to share that information at 12-step groups until you know which way the wind blows.

It’s likely, as you make your rounds through the various meeting rooms and talk with different people, that you will encounter others who also participate in medication-assisted treatment protocols. You will also want to talk honestly about it with the person that you choose for a sponsor. Until then, continue participation in all counseling sessions at your medication-assisted treatment program, talk about your 12-step meetings with your counselor, and try to enjoy the beginning of your new social life. Because the truth is, a whole new social life will open up for you once you put your prescription drug abuse in Fort Worth behind you—a new life you’re going to love!